What we do!

We are a full service gunsmith shop specializing in building custom rifles. Everything from basic hunting rifle accurizing to full custom competition and hunting rifles. I believe that every job should be done perfect and I don't do different "Grades" of work. Every rifle has the care and attention to detail that you would see if you were building a high end target rifle. I don't believe in a hunting grade chamber job vs a benchrest chamber job. Every rifle should be built with a BR quality chamber. When I finish a custom rifle, rest assured that it has the ability to performing at it's maximum potential! 

I have spent years perfecting my process to ensure that every chamber is as perfect as it can be to. At this level of work, if you are trying to get the most accurate rifle possible and paying for the work to be done, you shouldn't settle for anything less. Stress free bedding jobs, perfect chambers, properly tuned timing and much more will allow you to enjoy your new rifle by taking many variables out of the equation and allow you to enjoy peak accuracy!

Lightweight hunting rifles can be built to suit your needs. Many times all carbon fiber stocks and barrels are one method to reduce weights. These types of builds can make your mountain hunt more enjoyable when hiking and carrying a heavy pack. These types of builds are designed around the idea that "Every Ounce Counts".

PRS has become very popular over the past several years. There are many different options to choose when building a purpose built competition rifle such as this. These rifles typically are built using high end custom components, heavy contour barrels and ether a chassis or composite stock. I can help you determine what combination would work best for you. 

Muzzle threading is a service that we offer and has become a very popular service due to the increase of suppressors and use of different muzzle devices. Every barrel thread in our shop is single point cut to required specifications.

Classic style rifle builds and accurizing factory rifles is how I started over 14 years ago. Taking something that wasn't designed to shoot tight groups and making it do that has always been a guilty pleasure. Many times factory rifles can be modified to shoot better. 

At Apex Custom Rifles, LLC, we build rifles based on what you want and what you intend to do with it. We will discuss what you are looking for and help you make your dream a reality. Some people know exactly what they want, but others may need a little guidance where we can assist them to make choices based on their ideas. 

Every rifle is a vision of the customer! My job is to create that vision and make it shoot! 

Using a variety of top quality parts, we can mix and match to suit your needs. 

First 3 round fired out of a custom 6.5 Creedmoor at 100 yards. Defiace Tenacity, Hart Barrel, Timney Trigger, Hawkins Brake.

First 2 zeroing shots fired at 50 yards from a custom 6br PRS rig. Bat VR, ABC Barrel, MDT ACC Chassis, TriggerTech Diamond. 

A properly done full length bedding job can increase the consistency of your rifle. I only use top quality bedding material that has been tested to allow the least amount of shrinkage when cured. 


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