I started this business with a passion to provide customers with the best shooting rifles possible. As I have seen many big name companies putting out high priced and low quality rifles, I knew I could do better.  While I have been building rifles since 2008 for other companies and on my own, I officially started Apex Custom Rifles, LLC in 2020. I focus on building high end custom rifles for hunting and target shooting. Disciplines such as PRS, ELR, NRL, and F-Class. I also enjoy building lightweight rifles that will shoot extremely well out to long distances. Additionally, I offer many different gunsmithing services and accurizing of factory rifles. I strive to make every custom rifle I build as close to perfect as I can get it and no detail is left unattended to. When you are paying a premium for a premium rifle, that is what you should get and expect no less! Even as of late, in 2024, I have seen other big name custom rifles builders put out 5 figure rifles that I wouldn't let leave my shop due to several unacceptable factors! If you go out and buy a new Corvette, Ferrari, or Porsche, the last thing you expect when you get into your new expensive car is to have a loose seat, or a sun visor that won't stay up! Same thing with a new high end rifle build! Along with being as accurate as possible, the fit, finish and feel should be second to none!

In 2022 after the growth I have had in the gunsmithing sector, I decided to expand my business into online retail with some of these specialized parts that I use when building custom rifles. My goal is to focus on providing top shelf products that could be used on any high end custom rifle build, but also be used to improve any factory style rifle. Components and other accessories will come along as we expand and make these products available when possible. We also offer firearms sales that can be ordered in!

I started this business from literally nothing and have seen amazing growth and support from my multiple repeat customers. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals in this great community that we are a part of. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to me. The best way to get a hold of me is through email. I will respond ASAP!

Thank You,

Brett Meyer


Apex Custom Rifles, LLC